Our players and families are committed to the process and are held to high standards on and off the field. Players practice and train on their own to bring their best skills and focus everyday.

Success does NOT = winning.

Value comes from skill work, player development and learning the game, not playing time.

Each player on the roster will earn their position and playing time through practice, focus, and commitment.

Players will develop a routine and be prepared for current gameplay. 

Coaches establish connections with our players in order to bring out the best in each athlete.

Each game and practice has a plan and a purpose.

Our pitchers will be taught how to approach each at-bat, how to execute pitches, and how to control the running game.

Catchers will improve their physical skills and develop a deeper understanding of the game, how to call pitches, and how to control the field.

Hitters will learn what it takes to be competitive and consistent every pitch in every at-bat.

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